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Youth-NOW (Y-NOW) Halton

Free counselling provided to youth between 12-24 years of age in the Halton Region. Youth-Now (Y-NOW) assists in the development, enhancement and utilization of pro-social skills in resolving conflict effectively and examines the cognitive processes behind socially unfavourable behaviours.

How does this program help?

Y-NOW, Youth Need Options to find better Ways is a United Way Oakville and United Way Halton Hills funded program. The free counselling program is offered to youth in the Acton, Georgetown and Oakville areas. It is a gender specific program for both male and female youth, utilizing an educational/therapeutic counselling approach and highlights client’s strengths, as it empowers youth to take control of their lives.

Counselling sessions are dynamic and comprised of up to 6 sessions with the possibility of additional sessions based on the youth’s level of need and it is tailored to move at a pace comfortable for the youth.

Y-Now provides assistance dealing with emotion management, effective communication, problem solving techniques, conflict resolution and provides mentorship to the youth involved in the program.

What Can this Program Do?

Strengthen Youth

The Program identifies strengths within the client themselves, their families and support systems, and utilizes these strengths to encourage and develop an effective and realistic approach to coping with daily challenges. The program utilizes the principle of motivational interviewing and highlights stages of change. The approach takes the youth through the stages of change, as it encourages a readiness to change, then initiates the process and ultimately makes the change familiar, habitual and established. It will provide additional support (emotional, mental etc.) and build skills to utilize in improving relationships with others.

What Services Does this Program Provide?

The intervention strategies; focus on recognition, awareness, learning “real life” skills, developing resources and highlighting youth’s strengths all work to consistently address the youth′s unique needs. The Program highlights the strengths of youth, as it empowers him/her to take control of his/her life in teaching them necessary skills to be an effective life manager. Active participation by the client, including “homework”, such that the youth will acquire various life skills such as script writing and behaviour rehearsal. The program is intended to assist client’s in school and work, encouraging and strengthening bonds within the community.

Who Is Eligible?

Y NOW is designed to provide free counselling to youth and their families between 12-24 years of age. One on one counselling is provided, also parent(s), guardian(s), caseworker(s), and/or other client supports can attend if their attendance could benefit the youth’s progress.

Who Can I Contact for More Information

Y-NOW Counsellor @ 289-233-1871
Email: efry@efrypeelhalton.ca