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Attendance Centres (Peel & Halton)

The Attendance Centres (Peel & Halton) empower young women to take control of their lives.

How does this program help?

The Attendance Centre Program provides a comprehensive set of cognitive-behavioural programs and individual support services. The Program seeks to address the three main objectives of the Youth Criminal Justice Act:

  • The prevention of youth crime
  • The use of meaningful consequences
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration through a relational supportive approach

What Can this Program Do?

  • Addresses the criminogenic elements common to most youthful offenders. Many young women lack the ability to effectively problem solve and have a limited skill set that can severely compromise the possibility of a socially acceptable response for challenging and stressful situations.
  • Utilizes multi-component intervention focus to examine the cognitive process behind socially inappropriate behaviours. This process with young women is either conducted in a one-on-one or in a group setting.
  • Provides guidance to produce problem solving skills and skill enhancement techniques that may be required by the young women for success in their future goals and endeavors.
  • Encourages the young women and their support systems to fully participate in the Program and to work on family and relationship issues.
  • Provides the young women with resources such as counselling, educational, employment and other programs of benefit.

What Services Does the Program Provide?

    • The Program highlights the strengths of young women as it empowers them to take control of their lives with the skills to be an effective life manager. This multi-component intervention ultimately promotes positive social behaviour. The ultimate goal of the Program is to ensure that participants will possess the knowledge, motivation and skills to reduce the experience of damaging unhealthy behaviour in their lives.
    • The young women receive assistance to develop and recognize their own strengths and abilities. The development of these skills and strategies increases their ability to cope, self-manage, problem solve and resolve conflict.

Active participation by young women in various programs:

      • Parenting
      • Anger Management
      • Job search/Employment
      • Relationship skill for Violence Prevention
      • Cognitive Behavioural Interventions
      • Voices (Self-Discovery/Empowerment)
      • Homework Club
      • Relaxation and Stress
      • Substance Abuse

Who Is Eligible?

      • Young women in conflict with the law, who have received probation, detention, and/or custodial sentences.
      • The Case Manager and the Program Manager determine involvement in the program.

Who Can I Contact For More Information?

Peel Attendance Centre:

44 Peel Centre Drive, Suite 200
Brampton, ON L6T 4B5
Tel: 905-459-1315
Fax: 905-459-1322

Halton Attendance Centres:

205 Main Street East, Suite 302
Milton, ON L9T 1N7
Tel: 905-878-2075
Fax: 905-878-3174
2308 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Unit 47A
Oakville, ON L6L 1H3