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Our Vision Statement

Dedicated leader providing hope and help to women and girls at risk.


The Values that guide our work are:


By measuring and reporting on the outcomes of our programs and services in order to ensure effectiveness, good value of expenditure and responsiveness to the needs of the community served by the agency’s programs and services


By continuing to be a leader in our community in the promotion of a fairer and gender appropriate criminal justice systems


By being a willing and able partner with those agencies, citizens or organizations who are philosophically aligned with the values and positions of this agency and who will work with us to achieve our mission and vision


By providing programs and services to clients and opportunities for employees that are based on inclusion, diversity and respect


By constantly being aware of and seeking opportunities for the agency to adopt and utilize best practice in the design and delivery of its programs and services


By being diligent in recognizing the dignity and worth of every person in all of our dealings whether that is through our programs, services or general interaction.